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New York Stock Exchange

Our Approach

The Lindsey approach sets us apart from others in the industry.  Our advisors take the time to learn the details of your current circumstances and combine that knowledge with decades of experience to find the exact solution that works for the only party involved that matters to us:  our valued client.

Our Story

Lindsey & Co. Advisors was founded on the notion that fulfilling the client's needs and interests is the best way to fulfill our own.  From the beginning, everything thing we do and every decision we make comes from a client-centric perspective.  Which has led to thriving client relationships on 6 continents and immense personal fulfillment on the part of our Directors and staff.

Meet the Team

Our 3 Senior Managing Directors lead the client-centric ethic of our firm, and guide the development of our staff toward that central philosophy.  People want to know who they're doing business with.  It's a human thing.  Our Senior Managing Directors are emblematic of the quality teams of professionals deployed by Lindsey & Co. Advisors.

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Dee Menzies

Managing Director

North America

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David Elliot

Managing Director


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Chris Mitchell

Managing Director

Asia & Pacific

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